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Salad Days

For some reason, I don’t eat a lot of salads in the winter and I usually blame the cold weather. Cold weather makes me crave warm food — soups, stews, and the occasional roasted chicken.

I eat veggies, but I don’t always feel like making salads. Now that it’s officially spring and even though it still feels like winter, I’ve committed to stepping up my salad game.

Salad prep

Last Saturday morning I bought a head of Romaine lettuce and busted out my salad spinner. I chopped up the Romaine into bite size chunks, put them in a salad spinner, ran them under cold water and gave the salad spinner a whirl. Actually, I gave it several spins because the damn thing was full of water, but that’s for another post. Then I took out 2 of my pyrex salad/soup bowls, filled them with lettuce, stuck the lid on and put them in the fridge and went about my day. I already had pre-chopped carrots, celery, and sweet peppers in the fridge.

When I return home and decided to make dinner, I grabbed one of the salad bowls, chopped some onions, and topped said salad bowl with the pre-chopped veggie stash in my fridge and the freshly chopped onions, made some dressing with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, spices and a dash of honey and salad. It literally took 5 minutes. I did the same the next day.

Here’s what I learned

It’s not just the cold weather that prevents me from eating salads, it’s actually prepping the lettuce and veggies. BUT and isn’t there always a but? But if I pre-make the salad bowl and keep my fridge stocked with chopped veggies — which I already do — making a salad is quick and easy. So for the past week, I’ve kept my pyrex salad bowls filled and stocked in the fridge and have had a salad with my dinner every night.

No excuses and two to three veggies per serving!