Making The Most of A Rotisserie Chicken

Diabetes or not-we have to eat healthy, even when we are on a budget, go for the rotisserie chicken!

I’m on a tight budget as of late, like who isn’t? Anyway, a few weeks ago, rotisserie chickens were on sale at my local supermarket for $5.99 and I bought one. It was Sunday afternoon, I was looking at a busy week and didn’t have time to meal prep for the week - which is what I try to do on Sundays.

6 rotisserie chicken meals for the week

Meal 1

When I got home I sliced off some chicken and served it with some leftover quinoa stir-fried with fresh veggies. Really good and the cleanup was easy.

Meal 2

I sliced off some more meat (no skin for me) and didn’t bother to heat it. Instead, I made some toast with hummus and topped with the cold chicken. Quick, low carb, really tasty.

Meal 3

I came home and baked a small sweet potato, then cut it in half, topped with chicken meat (no skin), a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan and baked for
3 minutes under the broiler.

Meal 4

A big and gorgeous salad with whatever produce was living in my fridge (sweet peppers, cucumber, and onion) topped with large amounts of cold chicken and vinegar and EVOO! It took 10 minutes. It was amazing.

Meal 5

I sautéed an onion and celery in a pot and poured a box of low sodium chicken broth in and loaded it up with spices and smashed garlic. Tore the rest of the meat off the chicken and tossed into the pot - along with some skin and bones, and added some frozen veggies. While it simmered on low, I threw out the leftover bones and stuff, took out the trash and cleaned up. Then I enjoyed a large, steaming bowl of delicious chicken soup.

Meal 6

I ate the last of the chicken soup for lunch - SO GOOD.

That $5.99 roasted chicken made 6 hearty and healthy meals - and it saved me time and money in the process!

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