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Peach in a Bowl

Peaches and cream — have you ever eaten it? Peach ice cream is actually pretty darn tasty, but who still eats peaches with straight thick cream poured over top? That sounds gross. But I do eat sliced peaches with either vanilla unsweetened almond or skim milk and have since I was a little kid. It’s actually one of my favorite snacks from my childhood.

Peach allergy adjustment

As an adult, I’ve actually developed an allergy to peach pollen (true story and one that annoys me to no end), so I can no longer actually take a bite out of a fresh peach, or I’ll break out in a rash on my chin for 24 hours from the juice. It doesn’t hurt, but my throat gets a little scratchy and my rash looks funny, like smeared lipstick on my chin. NOT a good look. So instead I must rinse off said peach (very well might I add), slice it into wedges or chunks and eat it that way. No breakout, no mess, and still yummy.

Healthier options for peaches and cream

My peach pollen allergy has made me revisit one of my favorite snacks from childhood. When I was little, my mom would slice up a cold peach, sprinkle a little cinnamon and artificial sweetener, and pour about a half cup of skim milk over it, and it was delicious. These days, I drink either unsweetened vanilla almond milk or sometimes, skim. I still slice a peach up and sprinkle generous amounts of cinnamon, but now I also add a little nutmeg, pour unsweetened vanilla almond or skim milk over top. And instead of using artificial sweeteners, I use a dash of fresh vanilla extract, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Nutritional info for peaches and cream

A medium peach contains about 13 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fiber.1 Unsweetened vanilla almond milk has about 1 gram of carbs per serving.

And bonus: You can do the same thing with berries. SO GOOD!

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