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Just Say No! Dealing With Pesky Food Cravings.

Just Say No! Dealing With Pesky Food Cravings

It’s late at night and you are getting that urge for something sweet, salty, or crunchy. You have tried to avoid it for as long as you can, but that craving has finally gotten the best of you. You head to the kitchen for your favorite treat. You eat it, maybe even too much of it, and then immediately wish you hadn’t and that you had the strength to overcome your cravings. We have all been there! Here are a few tricks for trying to curb those late-night (or any time!) cravings.

Check for hunger vs. habit

Often we eat more out of habit than hunger. TV time? Need a snack. Road trip? Better grab some goodies. Bored? Food will help. Check yourself before you take the plunge. Why do I feel hungry? If it is because of a certain cue or habit, you can change this. Try adding some cucumber or lemon slices to your water when watching TV to give yourself something to sip on. Buy some crossword or Sudoku puzzles to keep your mind busy on long road trips. If you feel bored, reprogram yourself with a different activity such as heading out for a walk, or calling a friend on the phone. Habits can be so ingrained in us that often we don’t even realize they are there. Breaking them can be difficult but it is not impossible!

Try keeping the craved foods out of the house

I have noticed, especially in my children, that if we have a treat a few nights in a row, say for a birthday or another special occasion, they will continue to ask for them every night that week. Hormone changes come into play causing a want for that serotonin release that sugar gives us. Keeping it out of the house makes it less likely that you will give in to the craving. Consider keeping alternatives to your favorite options on hand such as apples and peanut butter instead of peanut butter candy.

Try to maintain a low stress level

Stress can be one of the biggest triggers for making poor eating choices. A hard day at work, trouble with a relationship and even frustrations at your diabetes diagnosis may lead you to feel so stressed that you just want to throw in the towel and eat some junk. Finding other ways to deal with stress can be key in curbing those cravings. Consider treating yourself to a facial or massage, buying tickets to a local sporting event with friends, or cuddling up with a new book. Giving yourself different ways to decrease your stress level will make those unnecessary snack habits fade away.

Get some support

If you and your significant other always snack together ask him or her to help you make this new change. I’m sure it will be a welcome healthy habit for both of you!

Be sure to speak with your physician if you are feeling uncontrollable amounts of stress, anxiety or depression. Or if you have specific questions about your diet needs.

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