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Many breeds of mushrooms can be enjoyed!

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Have you noticed that as you age, your palate ages as well? Things that you disliked as a child or even a few years ago are suddenly one of your favorite foods. Mushrooms are definitely an acquired taste. The texture can also be a little off-putting for some. Here are some great reasons why you should toss some mushrooms into your diet if you aren’t already doing so!

Health benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms are full of important nutrients. “Phytochemicals (health-promoting plant compounds) and antioxidants abound in mushrooms. The antioxidant content measured in mushrooms equals or exceeds those in colored fruits and veggies. For instance, white button mushrooms have more antioxidants than tomatoes, green beans and green peppers.”1 Antioxidants are important in fighting free radicals that can lead to an increased risk of obesity as well as cancer. Mushrooms are also low in calories and high in fiber and protein. It is always a good idea to find foods that increase fiber and protein intake to help maintain satiety after a meal. This is especially helpful when you have diabetes and have to watch portion sizes of other food groups, such as carbohydrates.

Harry Marsales, a researcher at the University of Buffalo’s Department of Exercise and Nutrition “was the first to discover that eating mushrooms with food has the ability to significantly lower glucose levels; his 2014 mushroom study further suggested this effect may help those trying to lose weight.”1 Marsales said, “All mushrooms contain soluble fiber, specifically beta-glucan, which has been shown to improve glucose tolerance following a meal.”1

How to incorporate mushrooms

How do you wash, prep and cook mushrooms? Rinse your mushrooms and then dry them with a towel before eating. Eat them any way that works for you! Try adding them as a topping to cold salads. Mix them into your spaghetti sauces, soups and casserole dishes. Mushrooms can be sautéed in a small amount of oil until soft and darkened. You can also use them as a replacement for meat on a burger bun, or even eat them raw on their own. The possibilities are endless!

There are many varieties of mushrooms to try. If you do not care for one, try another type or cook it in a different way. If you are shopping on a budget, opt for mushrooms that are not pre-sliced. That way, you aren’t also paying for the labor it took to dice them, and can cut them up at home to your own liking! “When selecting mushrooms, choose those that are firm, plump and dry, but not dried out.” 1

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