Making Movie Night More Healthy

Once or twice a month I love to sit on my comfy couch, snacking on something crunchy and delicious, while on-demanding a movie that I can get lost in/ or have been dying to see.

It’s my time to decompress and I consider it a treat and time well spent. When I was younger, movie night at home meant popcorn; pretzels, and chips as my go-to movie snacks – and my choice of dips wasn’t much better. But as I got older and wiser, I realized that crunchy carb filled snacks weren’t the best choices for me, my diabetes, my blood sugars, or my insulin resistance.
Sidebar: YES, people with t1 diabetes can and do develop insulin resistance!

Healthy snack ideas for the movies

So I switched things up and made my home movie snacks more healthy, and less carb and sodium filled. Instead of popcorn or chips, my snacks of choice have become a rainbow of fresh raw veggies with, hummus, Greek yogurt or my favorite spicy salsa. And sometimes I even mix and mash one or two of the above, adding whatever extra spices appeal to me in my pantry – and then letting the flavors marinate for an hour in the fridge. I take that time to wash, dry, and chop the rainbow of veggies, usually consisting of raw carrots; celery, yellow, orange, red, and green peppers – whatever’s in season and or in the fridge.

Speaking of the fridge, I let the veggies chill in there, while I clean up the mess most always seem to make when creating in my kitchen! 20 minutes (and one sparkling kitchen counter top,) later, I grab the chilled veggies and dip and head straight for the couch to pick out my movie. I get to enjoy a movie without feeling like a couch potato, while satisfying my crunch factor in a way that’s tasty and adds to my good health, instead of compromising it.