Ways To Make Your Water Less Boring

I’ve written about it here at type2diabetes.com before. I’m a huge fan of hydration and drinking a ton of water and I don’t feel right if I don’t drink at least 60 ounces a day. The most popular complaints I hear from those who don’t drink enough water: they don’t like the taste or think water tastes boring.

Quite frankly, I love water, my skin loves water, and my internal organs love water. And yes, there are times I downright crave water. With that being said and even with all my water love, I hear ya! Because there are times when even I don’t feel like drinking water.

How to make water less boring

When that happens I find the following tasty and economical ways to make my water “less boring” and more interesting!

Add herbs to your waterYou can buy a mint bunch for about a $1 at your local grocery store or farmers market. Even better, you can go to your local chemical free garden center or farmer's market vendor and by potted herbs. Mint; lemon verbena, lemon/lime thyme, and stevia all have health benefits and make for tasty and economical choices. Take your herbs home and replant in a large pot in a sunny location and have them grow for years to come. All plants mentioned make water and iced teas taste great, aid in digestion, and are carb free.Add fruit to your waterAnother way to shake up your water — slice up fruit and add to your water. I’m not just talking lemons, limes or orange slices. Slices of apples, cucumbers, berries, and grapes add loads of flavor to your water without adding loads of calories. I especially recommend adding fruit to iced water. Speaking of ice! Add fruit and water to ice trays and add the fruity ice to your water! If you really wanted to go crazy, combine all of the above suggestions to a pitcher of water and go to town!

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