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Cutting Back On My Cheese Intake and Not Taste

Recently, I decided that cutting back on my cheese intake was the way to go because things were getting out of hand. While cheese may be low in carbs, it’s not super low in fat and I tend to forget that fact… OK, ignore that fact. I’m not a fan of low-fat cheese. I’ve been eating way too much cheese for my own good and I’ve come up with some healthy ways to cut back on both cheese and fat without cutting back on taste.

How to cut back on cheese

  1. If I want cheese, I’m going to slice it myself from a block of cheddar or gouda (which is a surprisingly healthy cheese) but NO MORE buying a 1/2 pound of sliced provolone from the deli – pre-sliced cheese is too easy for me to go overboard with.
  2. I’ve embraced my local deli’s oven-roasted and homemade, low/no salt turkey breast lunch meat. Super tasty, super fresh, no fat, and very low in sodium! Most store cooked and oven-roasted, low-salt turkey deli meats are usually lower in both salt and fat – do a taste test and double-check with your deli clerk to be sure. Snacking on store cooked turkey slices makes me feel like I’m overindulging but in reality, I’m not! Half a turkey sandwich with fresh veggies and extra virgin olive oil or pesto, plus spices makes for an excellent lunch. A few slices of turkey breast on crackers with a mustard/mayo mix or pesto (YUM) makes for a good afternoon or bedtime snack.
  3. Hummus or healthy bean dip are excellent choices when it comes to cheese alternatives. Both are plant-based; easy to make, economical, high in both protein and fiber, and lower in fat. Spread the above dips on 1/2 a turkey sandwich/ turkey roll-up or spread on top a cracker and you are good to go!

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  • bcjdhkk
    3 months ago

    I pre-slice cheese and take it to work for a snack almost daily. I too have been trying to cut back!

  • Margot moderator
    2 months ago

    Great idea @bcjdhkk!! – Margot, Team

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