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Delicious Kitchen Must Haves

I think I’ve established that I LOVE to cook. Not so much on cleaning up – but that’s for another post. I try and prepare food that packs a punch flavor-wise, won’t make my blood sugars go crazy, and that I like. I have some delicious kitchen must-haves and I write about them from time to time.

Here are a few that I especially love and appreciate!

Extra virgin olive oil

EVOO is delicious, is considered heart healthy, makes for yummy meals and a little goes a long way.


I love vinegar – ALL VINEGARS. Apple cider, dark/white balsamic, champagne, red and white – I have yet to meet a vinegar I haven’t liked. No fat, make for tasty salad dressings and adds punch to a multitude of meals.


Garlic adds flavor to anything and everything and no carbs. Sauté it up in extra virgin olive oil and it’s called Italian caviar. Many claim garlic is good for your heart and your blood sugar. I am claiming neither.

Herbal teas

No caffeine, deliciously fruity and herb flavors – no added sugar and no carbs.

Oil mister

Allows you to coat your food and or pan evenly and control the amount of oil you use. I mentioned it, HERE.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, EGGS ARE AWESOME. They are also healthy and economical.

Spicy peppers

LOVE SPICE PEPPERS and add them to many a meal. Low carb, add flavor without added salt, they freeze well, and aren’t terribly expensive. Some people say they help with blood sugar management – I’m not going there.

Cornichon pickles

I loved pickles as a kid, loved the taste and LOVED that pickles were considered “FREE FOOD” regarding my diabetes. Cornichons are small, less salty than regular dill pickles and have more flavor.

So, what are some of your delicious kitchen must-haves?

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  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    5 months ago

    Some good stuff. I used to keep garlic powder and would even use when frying eggs for breakfast. I keep some spices that I mainly use for barbecues. I mainly love the dill pickle slices. We’d eat them out of the jar watching television when growing up. Would stick in a fork and made sure it was full before pulling it out of the jar. I also love the herb teas. I get the Celestial brand. I especially love their ‘Sleepytime’ ones. Very good.

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