How I'm Cutting Back on Cheese

I love cheese and eat way too much of it. While I always remember that cheese is low in carbs, I conveniently forget that it’s high in fat, and almost always neglect to stick with the serving size. Cheese is one of my comfort foods from childhood and I love it! As of late, I’ve been focusing on cutting back (not giving up) on my cheese intake - not just because of the fat and calories, but because of how overdosing on cheese makes me feel NOT SO GOOD.

Alternatives to cheese

Here are alternatives that work for me.

Baked tofu

Found in the tofu section of your local grocery store - tofu ( in this case, baked tofu) it comes in yummy flavors like siracha, savory, and baked teriyaki, and usually comes 4 squares to a pack. Dice up and add to your salad instead of cheese, add to veggie stir-fry, or eat on a slice of bread with fresh turkey, lettuce and peppers. Low in fat and super tasty!


A few slices of avocado on low carb bread with turkey, roast beef, or ham make for an excellent sammi. Same goes for salads or eating a half a small avocado with lemon and hot sauce instead of snacking on cheese sticks!


Spread hummus on anything you’d spread cheese on - toast, chips, veggies. Super yummy and high in protein and lots of good fats!


Yes, it has cheese, but I’m including it because a little goes a long way. It's super yummy and healthy - and you get your cheese, garlic, EVOO, and nut fix at the same time! Take your basic pesto recipe - but add less cheese and more basil,(or other leafy greens) nuts and garlic!

Baba ghanoush

What WHAT? Baba Ghanoush is eggplant spread made with tahini sauce that will change your life - tt is so damn good! Check out recipes here!

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