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Healthy Kitchen Staples for Diabetes

You know I love my kitchen swaps.

My healthy kitchen staples

Here are some more healthy kitchen swaps that work for me.

Low/no sodium broths

I love making soups and I’m a big fan of quinoa. I go through gallons of chicken/veggie broth a month and have come to rely on them. But I only buy low sodium broths. Here’s why. Low sodium broth allows me to control the sodium in my soups and grain dishes. You can always add more salt to a dish but it’s difficult if not darn near impossible to de-salt a dish. Low/no sodium broth gives me more control over the sodium content of the foods I’m preparing and low salt is healthier.

More plant-based protein at home

When I’m at home, I mostly eat vegetarian – except for eggs, (cause I love them) cheese (because I never met a cheese I didn’t like), canned tuna, half and half for my coffee, and the occasional filet of something. I eat this way for several reasons:

I hate dealing with raw meat-it’s gross. Eggs, plant-based protein (beans, lentils, quinoa, farro, and baked tofu) are more economical, not to mention make for easier cleanup. I like that.
Sidebar: They still have carbs.
When I go out to eat I usually have a steak, a cheeseburger, or a great piece of fish/sushi.
And I don’t think twice about it, nor do I don’t feel guilty because I know I’ve been making healthy choices at home! Also – I don’t have to clean up!

“On the side”

Speaking of going out to eat, I order all salad dressings “on the side” when I’m dining out. And not just because it’s healthier and gives me more control regarding a salad I didn’t make. And yes to both – but the main reason I order my dressing on the side is that most (not all) restaurants drown their salads in dressing. Also, If I want to bring my leftover salad home I don’t have to worry about it getting weighed down and soggy because it came with the dressing!

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  • SusanD
    5 months ago

    thanks for choices.

  • Kelly Dabel, RD moderator
    5 months ago

    Hope this was helpful SusanD. We love your feedback. Let us know what type of info or recipes you’d like to see. Thank you for being part of our community. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

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