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Healthy Food Choices

I’ve written about healthy switches before and I’ll keep writing about them because I believe little changes equal big, healthy ones!

How to make healthy food choices

So instead of regular bacon, which I LOVE and am a huge fan of, consider turkey bacon which I also love and am a huge fan of, but it also has less fat. And between you and me, both Trader Joe’s and Morning Star Farms makes pretty tasty vegetarian sausage links.

Instead of whole milk, why not drink skim milk or plant-based milk? Speaking of plant based milk, my favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Instead of a 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich, consider a 1/2 a small banana with peanut butter on top, and then immediately freeze the other half and use it in smoothies.

Instead of fried chicken, consider baked, marinated skinless chicken breasts and or cutlets, dipped in a side of super tasty hot sauce and or dipped in hummus. Check out this tasty chicken recipe here.

Instead of side dishes made with pasta or rice, why not try some side dishes made with lentils? Lentils are awesome, as in economical, high in protein and fiber, not to mention the fact that lentils are easy to cook and take less time to cook/prepare than other beans and grains. Check out this tasty and easy lentil recipe here.

Instead of ordering a sugary, carb filled chai latte that may or may not make your teeth hurt and will most certainly cause your blood sugar to sky rocket, order chai, cinnamon spice or regular black tea (as in tea bag) with skim or 2% steamed milk.

Add your own sweetener, cinnamon and nutmeg. Less calories, less fat, way less sugar, and a heck of a lot less cash out of your pocket. And so much more yummy!

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