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Ways to cook chicken fly overhead, with some ways being healthier than others.

Healthy Cooking Techniques

Sometimes trying new recipes or cooking techniques can feel overwhelming. But when it comes to your health, making an extra effort can be worth every minute!

Healthy cooking techniques

Although there are multiple ways to make a meal, there are a few that stand out as healthier options. Let’s take a peek.


Probably the one people are most comfortable with, baking possibilities are endless. Whether making chicken or cake, the oven is a great tool for your daily meals. The benefits of baking are that you don’t have to use excess oil to cook, meaning lower calories and less fat intake. It is a dry heat, and the temperature causes the food to cook slowly, leading to less moisture loss. That makes for tasty, juicy meat (Thanksgiving turkey, anyone?).


When pressed for time, boiling is one of my favorite options. I throw some boneless, skinless chicken breasts into a few cups of chicken broth and get a nice simmer going. The broth adds moisture and flavor to the chicken, which helps to keep it from drying out in this high heat, fast-cooking technique. It is also a great option for stews and soups. If you have the time, the longer you let your ingredients simmer in the pot, the more flavorful they will be. This would be considered more of a simmer than a boil but is healthy nonetheless due to the lack of added fats for cooking.


Steak, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, fish, and even vegetables are delicious when cooked with the dry heat of a grill. Because grills are very hot, things cook quickly and maybe left a little dry. Consider marinating cuts of meat and even vegetables before tossing on the grill to add a little moisture. Good options for marinade ingredients are lemon juice, small amounts of olive oil, salt, pepper or other favorite spices and even vinegar, tossed together and allowed to soak into the food before cooking. Choosing lean cuts of meat also helps in making grilling a healthy option.

Unhealthy cooking techniques

You may be wondering which techniques then, are less desirable. As you will see, some cooking methods use excess fats to cook and add flavor. Although saturated fat does not always need to be avoided, it should be used rarely to avoid increased risk for cardiovascular disease.


Who doesn’t love fried foods? Fried chicken, chicken nuggets, french fries, even fish and chips, are delicious. But these foods are tossed in breading and then plunged into hot oils, which they then soak up during the cooking process. This leads to a high fat, high-calorie meal that is not doing your heart health any favors. Try to limit your fried food intake whenever you can, opting for grilled chicken at restaurants and fast-food chains.


As the name suggests, this is not unlike the above cooking method. The nice thing about stir-frying though, is that you can control the oil used when cooking at home relatively easily. A very small amount of oil can be just enough to add some crispness to your raw vegetables when stir-frying. Check out for some great stir-fry meals to try at home!

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  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    4 months ago

    Very good article. Love it!! We rarely do frying anymore. Usually eggs in which we scramble and use just a tad bit of margarine.

    But do like the grilling when we get a chance. Haven’t done any baking in many years. Just too warm here for it really. But very good article.

  • Katie Gutwald, RD moderator author
    4 months ago

    Thanks, Thomas! I also enjoyed your most recent article. So nice to have the perspective of a real person with diabetes! Katie Gutwald RD

  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    4 months ago

    Ahhh, the one about Diabetics Anonymous?? That had been on my mind for a very long time. Most of the comments caught me off guard in how that they would really like something like that. There was that one poster that didn’t sound happy about me comparing diabetes and alcoholism. But think that when I mentioned that I as well had/have family members that are alcoholics and that so many don’t have supportive friends, family etc something like this would be good for them she kinda accepted the idea afterwards. Noticed that she liked the response back.

    I had an uncle that was one. He used to get put into those ‘homes’ that would try to ‘dry’ them out. He told me that it was so bad some people were taking aftershave lotion and using a loaf of bread as a strainer to remove the impurities and drink the alcohol. That’s bad.

    One of my brothers is one. Had a heart attack. Told me that he was an alcoholic. I mentioned something about AA boy did he get hot saying he didn’t need any class to help him that he could quit anytime he wanted. I mentioned about maybe talking to his doctor and maybe she could help him get off. He got even more mad. Oh well. Way it goes. 😉

    But when the doctor and I had that discussion it stuck in the back of my mind for some reason and when Margot kept after me to become an author and moderator it came forward to me one night and I couldn’t shake it. I had to write it and get it out of my system. After seeing the responses I’m glad that I did.

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