Getting Your Hydration On

Drinking water - not the easiest habit to start, but once you do, it's an easy and important habit to keep.

Why Is Drinking Water Important?

Keeping hydrated is necessary for our bodies to function; flushes our systems out, helps with weight loss, keeps our skin looking and feeling good, so I do my best to find clever ways to get my hydrate on!

Also, and this is big- drinking water makes getting blood work easier! Water fattens up our veins and makes them easier to find - especially when it comes to fasting labs. I was told by multiple phlebotomists to drink 24 ounces before any and all blood work because it makes withdrawing blood easier for them and the withdrawal of my blood less painful for me. Also, many medications cause dehydration and the majority of people don't drink enough water.

My Hydration Go-To’s

Call me weird, I don't care, but I actually measure how many ounces certain glasses in my kitchen hold (it takes all of two seconds with a measuring cup) and it makes it easy for me to keep track. For instance - I know that one of my glasses holds 20 ounces and a certain glass holds 5 ounces of water, each. Every morning while I'm waiting for my morning coffee to brew, I fill up that 5-ounce glass with water, three separate times - and to do because you can down five ounces of water in a few gulps. By the time my morning coffee is finished brewing, I've already downed 15 ounces of water. Not a bad way to start the day!

I Use/Refill My Reusable Water Bottle Every Damn Day

My go-to water bottle is a metal, orange and gray bottle that holds 25 ounces of water when filled to the very top, 24 ounces when filled with room to screw on the cap - and I know, because I measured. Every morning I fill it up with 24 ounces of water and bring it with me wherever I go. And I make myself drink it. I do my best to empty those 24 ounces by lunchtime and then I fill it up again - and drink until it's empty. If I'm lucky, I fill that water bottle three times a day.

If my water intake is off, I feel it - I’m more tired, my skin is dry, I feel bloated and not to get too personal but my bathroom habits suffer.

Once you start drinking 40 plus ounces of water a day, you'll not only crave water, you'll prefer it! Measure a few glasses in your kitchen, invest in a sturdy water bottle, and drink up!

For more tips on how to LOVE water, click HERE.

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