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Fruits to Enjoy and Avoid with Type 2 Diabetes

Yes, you can eat fruit if you have diabetes but there are some you may want to avoid. This is my personal take on eating fruit if you have diabetes.

Should all fruits be avoided with type 2 diabetes?

For five weeks, four of my friends and I tested our blood glucose after every time we had fruit. We were all in contact for those 5 weeks as I gathered our results. I enjoyed doing this study as I feel it gave me more information of what fruits can spike blood glucose.

This study could not have been done without help and boy am I glad that I knew four other ladies with type 2 diabetes that I could ask to help me complete this study. We have all read articles through the years that told us not to eat certain fruits. We wanted to test them out for ourselves and see if what people were saying is right.

Testing out fruits for ourselves

In this study, we all ate 1 serving of each fruit we tried. Some raised our sugars and some did not. We all have to agree on the fruits that raised all of our glucose numbers across the board and felt strongly it's better to eat very small amounts or try and avoid all together. The main thing we want to share is that there are some fruits that I would consider not safe and that did spike our glucose numbers. Other fruits need to be shared because they are not as safe and if you're really staying on top of your glucose numbers you may want to avoid them.

We all had monitors donated for this project so all though we won't discuss brand we want to say they were brand new and all the same model. We all went shopping together each week so we could buy the same size and have the same of everything.

Fruits that may not increase blood sugar levels

Here are the safe fruits. All of the following passed with flying colors and did not raise our sugars to above 130.


Yeah for strawberries for bringing all our numbers to just under 120. Years ago I read something about most berries being OK to eat. This made the cut and boy am I glad it did. By far my favorite fruit of all times is strawberries.


With all berries, except for black, we all had numbers just under 120.


I tested just under 120. Two of the other ladies got 128 for this berry and 1 was at 130 and the other was at 132. Being that we all stayed 135 or under, I would just know that this may give your blood glucose a tiny spike but nothing too major.

We were all under 120. Yeah!

Gala and green apples

We all stayed just under 135 after eating apples.


We all had wonderful numbers after avocado. We all had under 120.


We again all had great numbers - just above 120.


We were a tad higher and we all tested at 130 or lower so still in a pretty good range but there are other berries you could reach for.

Fruits that may increase blood sugar levels

The fruits you may want to consider avoiding or not having as often:


We all tested in the over 140 range. So now and then, maybe. But as for me, I think I will only have pineapple in Hawaii so you know I won't be having it often.


We all tested over 135 so again you may want to consider how often you eat one or opt to have a half.


Everyone had blood glucose over 135. Opt out if you're really wanting to stay on the low side of the scale.


Red and green grapes did not make the cut. I love, love, love grapes. But we all had readings of over 135.

So there you have it. Berries are best!!

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