Four Fabulous Food Flavor Boosters (and a recipe)

Nobody wants to eat boring bland food, but that’s exactly what many people diagnosed with diabetes think they will be left with – bland, boring and tasteless food. Wrong! Certainly, some foods and ingredients are best enjoyed in moderation. But, there are many simple ways you can add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes without adding carbohydrate, excess fat or sodium. Check out these these tips for adding interesting flavors, and try the simple recipe below that proves the point.

Just add vegetables Onions, fennel, roasted red pepper, garlic, and mushrooms are great vegetables to use when cooking without adding carbohydrate, sodium or fat to your meal. Wonder why mushrooms are added to this list? Mushrooms have an unami flavor, a flavor that is meaty and savory. My favorites: garlic cooked or raw added to roasted vegetables; roasted red peppers added to rice, quinoa or steamed green beans; grilled or fresh slices of fennel added to salad; sautéed mushrooms added to lean ground beef which helps both with a savory flavor and with your food budget.

Citrus squeeze The juice or rind of lemon, lime or orange added to food will give you a burst of tanginess without fat, calories or sodium. The acid in these fruits adds a balance of flavor to fish, chicken, raw or cooked vegetables. My favorites: sliced cucumbers with lime juice; baked chicken marinated with orange juice; or taco salad with lime juice.

Be Bold Use bold flavored ingredients like chipotle peppers, pomegranate seeds, dried spices (smoked paprika or chili powder), and fresh herbs like cilantro, rosemary, dill, or basil. A little bit of these flavor enhancers goes a long way. Experiment with the amount in different recipes, and you’ll probably find you only need a small amount to get big flavor. My favorites: chipotle peppers (maybe in adobo sauce) for fish tacos, fresh rosemary with corn; pomegranate seeds or any fresh herbs in salads or with baked chicken; smoked paprika on baked or grilled chicken.

Rub it in Experiment with different spice rub combinations that can be bought or put together your own spice rub mixture. Use rubs on protein foods (beef, chicken, pork, fish, or tofu) before cooking, rubs also work well on vegetables. My favorites: see the simple roasted carrot recipe below

Spiced Roasted Carrots-This recipe is quick, easy and a tasty way to prepare carrots for meal or snack time. Only 3 ingredients are needed, and these ingredients are easy to keep on hand.

  • 1 bag baby carrots
  • Olive oil cooking spray
  • 2 tablespoons of BBQ Rub

Pre Heat oven to 375 degrees. Place carrots in a bowl, spray with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkle BBQ rub over carrots and mix – place carrots on a baking sheet – roast carrots for 20-30 minutes and serve hot or cold.

One half cup serving = 5 grams carbohydrate

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