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Navigating The Food Spread On Game Day

Game day is a time when many in America pick a side and watch the game with friends and family. It’s also a day when Americans tend to overeat, myself included. Here are some “plays” that work for me when it comes to navigating the food spread!

Tips to avoid overeating during a super bowl party

  1. I stick to drinking club soda (sparkling water) and red wine. I start off with a glass of red wine – which I find to be much more blood sugar friendly than beer, and follow up with club soda. I’m usually driving to a Super Bowl party, so I drink my glass of wine the first quarter and then switch to club soda.
  2. If there’s chili to be had, I go for it with extra onions, hot peppers, cheese, and avocado but I try and skip the chips and bread. If it’s the sub tray that catches my eye, I go for a 1/4 of a turkey sub and the innards of extra meat from another sub quarter. I stick with turkey or and depending where the sandwich tray is from, I’ll go for the veggie and cheese option – the same serving rules apply. Eating a 1/4 of a sub works for me and not just blood sugar wise. I don’t feel like I’m going to burst if I only eat a half of a sandwich or a 1/4 of a sub. Also, it helps regarding watching out for hidden sodium.
  3. Speaking of food, I’m usually asked to bring something which for me means bringing a vegetable platter of carrots, celery, sweet peppers, and Persian cucumbers, accompanied by a salsa and Greek yogurt dip. Basically, I combine my favorite salsa with a cup of low/no fat Greek yogurt and my favorite spices. It’s easy, low in fat and carbs, and people seem to really dig it!
  4. Lastly, I check my blood sugar, and I check it again!

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