Five Easy Changes to Make Your Diet Healthier

Five Easy Changes to Make Your Diet Healthier

Healthier eating is often just a matter of making simple changes. Check out these five simple changes that can have a big effect on your health.

  1. Add higher fiber foods to each meal- oatmeal with nuts for breakfast, raspberries or a pear with lunch and quinoa with dinner. Higher fiber foods help you feel full and slow down the absorption of glucose. Note that most of the foods that are high in fiber are also carbohydrate containing foods. Bottom line Tip: Use higher fiber food choices as your carbohydrate source at meal time.
  1. Eat your meals on schedule- don't skip meals. Eating on schedule will help control your appetite and your blood glucose levels. Eating on schedule is also important with some diabetes medications that are directly related to consuming food, and taking your diabetes medications as prescribed helps manage diabetes. Bottom line tip: Set an appointment with yourself for meal time until you establish this important.
  1. Include nuts with each meal- breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nuts are a heart healthy fat that will also help you feel satisfied and contain fiber. Both fiber and fat slow down absorption of glucose. Bottom line tip: Include nuts as a side to your meal or as part of a recipe.
  1. Double your servings of low carb veggies, and include veggies at each meal. For example, use bell pepper and onions for an egg white omelet, sliced tomatoes and spinach on a sandwich for lunch, and have a double serving of roasted Brussels sprouts or cauliflower as a side dish for dinner. Low carb veggies won't impact your BG, are rich in important nutrients, and are low calorie. Serve a double portion of low carb veggies each meal. Bottom line tip: Include double portions of low carb veggies three times a day.
  1. Eat in More- Eat out less. It is simply very difficult to eat a truly healthy meal at a restaurant, even if you’re willing to sift through the nutrition information to find one. Eating out is extremely enjoyable and great for special occasions, but can also be nothing more than a habit. Managing diabetes effectively is often about breaking habits, and eating out often is a great place to start.
    Bottom line tip: Keep healthy and quick “fall back” meal options available at home as your first option when the temptation to grab something at the drive-through hits.

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