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Filling up without Filling Out

Filling Up Without Filling Out

A healthy lifestyle remains the strongest strategy in lowering the incidence of type 2 diabetes. And, lifestyle is the first line of combat for controlling blood glucose levels for people with type 2 diabetes. Weight loss is a strong predictor of developing type 2 diabetes, and can improve diabetes management. Easier said than done, right?

Have you tried to lose weight but end up feeling hungry so you blow your “diet”? Research shows that people feel full based upon the amount of food they eat, and not by the amount of calories. So, what if we are able to eat more and feel fuller for less calories?

Eat More While Consuming Less Calories

Here are four strategies for consuming more food while keeping calories down:

  1. Add fiber by using beans (kidney beans, lentils, black beans, or chickpeas), whole grains (bran cereal, quinoa or bulgur) or starchy vegetables (potatoes or peas) to your meal.
  2. Lower fat by selecting lean cuts of beef, pork or poultry without the skin, or fish and choosing lower fat dairy products.
  3. Add low carbohydrate containing vegetables to your meal (i.e. veggies with pasta or adding mushrooms to a ground beef dish) or as a side dish (steamed broccoli, a salad, sliced tomato, steamed green beans, zucchini, sliced cucumbers with lime juice).
  4. Add a broth based soup to your meal (start your meal with a broth based soup instead of a cream soup). You can save approximately 300 calories by using this swap. If you have high blood pressure or are watching your salt intake, make sure to use a low sodium broth.

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