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Getting Back on the Fall Veggie Bandwagon

Throughout the summer and for all of September, I’ve been lucky to purchase (and eat) lots of fresh veggies from local farmers markets, and turn them into yummy tomato sandwiches and a multitude of healthy, tasty, salads for lunch, dinner and even breakfast. YES, breakfast salads are indeed a thing – and they are delicious! But I digress.

How to enjoy veggies

Now that fall has arrived and my local farmers markets are over, or winding down, I’ve noticed that my veggie game has been lacking as of late. And that needs to change. I need to take my own advice when it comes to upping my veggie intake. For the past few weeks and every couple of days, I put some time aside in the kitchen and sautéed 3 or 4 cups of chopped veggies with garlic (and usually in olive oil) to serve as a ready-made side dish and for multiple meals. Sometimes it’s a trinity of sweet onions, sweet peppers and carrots. Other times, broccoli and mushrooms or stir-fried green-beans and mushrooms. And on occasion (depending if I bought some already pre-cut at the grocery store), slow roasted butternut squash and onions.

Benefits of meal prep

Whatever the veggies, I know that taking the time to prepare multiple servings means that I’ll have less work to do in the kitchen and healthy meals throughout the week! Knowing that I have veggies that only need to be reheated when I walk through the door, makes it easier for me to cook and eat a healthy meal. Even on the nights when I don’t have the healthiest main dish. I admit it, sometimes this girl gives into her craving for a grilled cheese sandwich – but knowing that I have a couple of healthy side veggie dishes in the fridge, prepped and ready to go, helps me to hit my 3 to 5 servings of veggies per day!

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