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Breakfast with Diabetes? Eggcelent!

Breakfast with Diabetes? Eggcellent!

I don’t know why we’ve made it a culture of eating certain things for breakfast, and only those certain things. I just don’t know what it is. Who the heck died and declared we had to eat either sugar, eggs, or grease for breakfast? I won’t even discuss some of the meals had in certain cultures, involving things like baked beans, and sausage, etc. The idea of it makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack without even having a single bite.

I’m not trying to be ethnocentric here. I just don’t know what it is that we can’t have whatever it is we want… Oh, wait. Maybe it’s that whole ‘breaking a fast’ thing. Yeah, that’s probably it. Some have suggested that we need to have our biggest meal of the day at breakfast, and then a lighter lunch, and then a much lighter dinner.

I’ve heard that wisdom before. Except, you know, I think it might be bunk. At least for me, anyway. When I’ve just spent a LOT of time not eating, my stomach shrinks and it just doesn’t want a lot of heavy foods. So, I might usually have some kind of light protein snack, and then wait an hour or so, and THEN eat a proper meal. And then I’m going to eat whatever it is I want, really. Though, since I usually haven’t ran to the store yet (which conveniently for me, is literally right next door to my place), or to the farmer’s market (two blocks away), it might end up being eggs.

It’s always eggs… But they are just so easy, and so versatile! And they are packed with so many vitamins and goodness they are like having a daily multi-vitamin, in a little round thing of goodness. I have so many eggs, I end up being like Bubba from Forest Gump, in my fantasizing about egg recipes, for more variety…

  1. Omelets
  2. Eggy in a basket
  3. Soft boiled eggs
  4. Poached eggs
  5. Sunny side up eggs
  6. Eggs a la Gordon Ramsey
  7. Egg pinwheels
  8. Egg pizza
  9. Egg quiche
  10. Egg Frittata
  11. Egg Soufflé
  12. Egg Spanish tortilla
  13. Bacon-Jalapeño Deviled Eggs
  14. Chorizo Deviled Eggs
  15. Egg casserole
  16. Eggs hollandaise
  17. Baked egg cups
  18. Egg stuffed avocado
  19. Eggs Devaux
  20. Italian Baked Eggs

I can definitely vouch for the baked eggs in cups. Those things are amazing! Try them with cooked turkey bacon, if that’s your thing, or check out more of our recipes in our recipe’s database. Do you have a favorite egg recipe that you have healthified, or that is a go-to when you need a little egg variety in your life?

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