7 Swaps to Make on Your Shopping List

7 Swaps to Make on Your Shopping List

Feeling overwhelmed about how to manage type 2 diabetes? You’re not alone. Many others in your position are asking themselves: How do I start to manage this disease when there’s so much to think about, and there’s tons of information out there, sometimes straightforward, sometimes conflicting? And even the straightforward information can feel like too much to handle. But getting control of your blood sugar isn’t beyond your reach. Instead of thinking that only big sweeping changes will make a difference, starting with small changes can help get you to a better place. Here’s one way you can make small changes that add up to a noticeable difference – change up your usual grocery list by making these 7 swaps:

From Soda, Sweet Teas, or Juice – to Seltzer or Club Soda

You’re thinking, “Boooooo, no way!” There’s no doubt about it: soda can be so awesome, so fizzy, so sweet, so great, and the perfect complement to a burger and fries. But drinking soda can pile on the calories quickly and offer you no love in return. It’s one of the surefire ways to get yourself stuck in the same old rut. Help yourself to better health – give up on the stuff. Instead, squeeze some lemon or lime into seltzer (or smash in a few fresh berries), feel the refreshing chilliness, and savor the fizzy sensation in your mouth. Soon you’ll be thinking, “Soda, who?” There are even some super tasty, low-carb, flavored fizzy waters available, like Spindrift raspberry or grapefruit seltzer, with just 2 grams of carbohydrate.

From Full-Fat milk – to Skim Milk

Transition from full-fat to skim milk does take some getting used to, so if you’re a tried and true whole milk-er, step down gradually – go for the 2% for a few weeks, then the 1%, and then make the final step to choose skim. It really won’t hurt, we promise!

From Fruity Yogurt – to Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

Why let someone else add in sugar and fruit for you? Take control, and do it yourself! You decide how much and what kind of fruit to add in. Who needs chemical-tasting strawberries when fresh ones are so much tastier? Grab some Greek yogurt and add your own fresh fruit, maybe a bit of chia seeds, and a small handful of nuts. Yum! You can even thaw frozen fruit that’s already washed and cut in the fridge the night before—then, add the thawed fruit to your yogurt in the morning. Plus, Greek yogurt generally has more protein than regular yogurt and less sugar.

From Potato Chips – to Air-Popped Popcorn

When we open a bag of chips, we immediately feel on edge – we can only really have a few and still feel good. But who can stop at just a few? We can’t, and then we feel bad! Enter air-popped popcorn. You can actually have 3 full cups at a time, instead of 3 measly chips! WOW! Plus, it’s delicious with a teaspoon of olive oil, some parmesan, and a dash of your favorite herbs and spices. I love Mrs. Dash and Trader Joe’s 21 Herb Salute. And even after that you can still feel good about yourself – popcorn has legit fiber. Win-win! Here are 10 tasty ways to eat popcorn – choose your favorite!

From Bacon – to Canadian Bacon

What’s Canada got that we don’t? Well actually, we do have it – Canadian bacon! You might remember that it used to grace Grandma’s table but then somehow disappeared from your life. Or, maybe you’ve never actually tasted it – either way, you’re in for a treat if you make this healthy swap! It has less saturated fat while adding a smoky, umami flavor to breakfast. Change is good…and so is Canadian bacon.

From Corn Oil – to Olive Oil

This oil’s got it going on. It’s got omega-3s, and it’s better for your heart. Now don’t go crazy frying up your foods with it…olive won’t stand for that! But it is good for sautéing veggies and lean proteins—you just need a little tablespoon of it. Spritz a little on your salad for that unmistakable, slightly fruity taste to add depth to any salad.

From Barbecue Sauce – to Tabasco Sauce

You’re being so good, steaming your veggies, grilling your meats, trying to make it all good for your body. But you need a kick. You want to add some zing to your food. Don’t think sugary, sodium-packed barbecue sauce! Think spicy, exciting Tabasco sauce instead! It’s got no sugar to speak of and just about as many calories as a cup of water! It’s a miracle!

So remember: managing your diabetes isn’t as daunting as it first seems. Just start with just one small change that seems manageable—in this case, upgrading your shopping list with some healthier swaps. Small steps can lead to something meaningful – a healthier you!

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