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Research Opportunity: Are you a college-aged student with diabetes?

A unique research opportunity for Type2Diabetes.Com community members:

Are you a college-aged student with diabetes? Help us understand more about your diabetes by taking our survey!

I am writing as part of Cornell University’s Laboratory of Rational Decision Making.  We are currently conducting a study to better understand decisions about your diabetes.  This project is the first of its kind, and its results can directly impact a huge portion of the population.

This survey is anonymous, and you must be 18 years or older and have diabetes to participate. Please click on the link that follows to take this survey. It will require about an hour of your time.


(You can pause and come back to complete the study within 3 days of your start time, if you use the same computer and browser. This survey contains questions about your diabetes, as well as other questions to help us understand you more.)

Time is precious and your willingness to donate the time necessary to complete this survey is deeply appreciated-it is the only way to gain information that has the potential to benefit many others.

Rebecca Derven
Research Assistant
Laboratory for Rational Decision-Making
Cornell University