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Resolve to not resolve

This Year, Resolve to Not Resolve

Every year, it’s the same thing. Every year we get inundated with calls to lose weight, buy that expensive treadmill or gym membership, or to eat nothing but soup or cereal the first week of January. Every year we are called to make impossible to keep New Year resolutions, especially by silly commercials, or morning daytime segments on TV.

I do not believe in new year resolutions

I will be very frank – I do not believe in New Year resolutions. Never have, and never will. Bah HUMBUG.

“Oh, but Liz, some resolutions are quite healthy…I mean, I can embrace proper eating habit changes, can’t I?” – Sure you can. But starting a lifestyle change on New Year’s day is like putting ourselves before the spotlight of the world, and our families: it denies us the privacy of our actions, choices, and failures…indeed, it sets us up to fail, before an audience, and then to have a spoonful of embarrassment to go along with it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need that. I don’t need to make a ‘spectacle’ of the life changes which are already oh so challenging for me to make! I prefer making a different day of the year to be my new year – the day of my diagnosis. If you are unsure what the day of your diagnosis is, you could have it be some other day, like the day of your birthday, or World Diabetes Day – which is November 14th. “Oh, but I’d be ruining those days!” – It’s funny… most people do NOT look forward to the start of their resolutions.

Suggestions for new year resolutions

But… in the event that you DO want to make resolutions on New Year’s Day anyway, and not pay any mind to me (which is your prerogative) allow me to make the following resolution suggestions:

  • I resolve to accept myself where I am
  • I resolve to love myself where I am
  • I resolve to forgive myself where I am
  • I resolve to not judge my struggles, and to not call them failures
  • I resolve to not set myself impossible goals
  • I resolve to respect food, and not use it as a instrument of self punishment
  • I resolve to respect exercise and not use it as an instrument of self punishment
  • I resolve to appreciate the years I have lived
  • I resolve to appreciate the years I have left, and not spend them on yo-yo dieting
  • I resolve to actually learn what proper nutrition is, rather than to make it a list of prohibitions
  • I resolve to not make food love, but to find joy in loving myself with foods that make me feel good emotionally and physically
  • I resolve to find more time to ponder the journey, rather than to dwell its bricks
  • I resolve to be more skeptical, more questioning, and more self-aware
  • I resolve to not judge myself if I struggle with any of these resolutions…

Oh… and of course:

  • I resolve to drink more water

There. That should about cover it. Happy New Year.

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