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Would You Consider?

Would you consider taking one week and checking your blood sugar before meals, in the afternoon and before bed.
One week of counting carbs and writing down what you eat and when.
One week of writing down when you exercise and when you don’t.
One week of journaling, of gathering information about the amazing machine that is your body. 
One week of detaching yourself from your numbers and one week of NO judgements – just gathering information.

Why should you consider?

So you can find out about you…and your diabetes.

So you can spot trends and patterns that you never knew existed in your life… and your life with diabetes.

So you can create a baseline of information to give to your doctor.

7 days days sounds like a gargantuan task for many – and I get it. Would you consider attempting all of the above for 24 hours? 24-hours where you can record and learn about you? If you made it to the 24-hour mark, might you consider stretching it out one more day?

Are you willing to try?

Are you thinking about it?

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