What's On Your Diabetes Nightstand?

What's on Your Diabetes Nightstand?

The nightstand in my bedroom next to my bed (hence the name) is the place I keep my alarm clock (ok, my iPhone) and is home to the latest book or magazine I'm in the process of reading. Also, eye drops because dry eyes; a hair brush, spray-on conditioner and a wide-tooth comb because I have crazy bedhead, and a notebook and pen - in case I need to write something down before I drift off to sleep.

Diabetes supplies on the nightstand

That same nightstand is also home to items that I use and require for my life with diabetes. I keep an extra meter/bottle of test strips should I need to check my blood sugar in the middle of the night and/or when I'm feeling shaky (low blood glucose) or restless, as in the opposite of low.

There's also a freshly filled (as in nightly) water bottle and a small bottle of baby aspirin and one of which I take every night before I go to sleep. I drink a few gulps of water to wash down the baby aspirin and drink the rest of the water first thing in the morning because there are worse ways to start of my morning than by downing 12 ounces of water!

Last but not least, there's a giant bottle of glucose tabs (tropical fruit flavored) and several unopened juice boxes (fruit punch flavored is my juice box of choice) and within arms reach for those nights my blood sugar takes a free fall at 3am and without over-treating.

I live by myself and I want to feel safe and in control when it comes to handling my diabetes. Having these diabetes tools on my nightstand are some of the tools I use to help me feel that way.

What about you guys? Is your nightstand diabetes ready? And if so, please share...or not. No pressure!

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