What Drives You Most Crazy About Diabetes?

What Drives You “Most Crazy” About Diabetes

Someone posed this question to me the other day – “what drives you the ‘most’ crazy about managing diabetes?” The question itself, by including the word “most”, already suggests there are many possible answers. How would you answer?

I know many people are bothered greatly when others question their food choices – “should you be eating chocolate with your diabetes?” Then, there are the physical observations – “you don’t look that heavy.” And, of course, we’ve all faced the borderline cruelty of the person who is compelled to recount every detail of the distressing medical history of an aunt who had diabetes.

As a diabetes- specialized professional, I can confidently tell you that we can confidently ignore the unsolicited advice of those who are simply wrong by knowing what’s true and what isn’t. Of course we can eat chocolate, and we should make a place in our meal planning for such treats. Excess weight is only one of many risk factors for type 2 diabetes – it’s not a prerequisite. And, your poor aunt obviously did not understand the importance of diabetes management, so her medical history has nothing to do with me. So, there!

That’s easy for the professional “me” to say, but the “me” with diabetes understands it’s not that easy to ignore unfounded messages all of the time. There’s always a little doubt that can poke us, and that’s why it’s so important to constantly reassure ourselves we are doing everything we can. I’m a great example, because what drives me the “most” crazy is doing everything perfectly and getting an imperfect blood glucose result. Of course, I know that human biology is impossible to predict – it’s so complicated. But, when I eat exactly what I usually eat and exercise precisely the way I always exercise that 210 mg/dl blood glucose reading at bedtime makes me crazy!

I get past this emotional reaction by reminding myself that I’m the one who wrote a post for you called Average Can Be Perfect. When diabetes is driving you crazy, I recommend you consult with your own reasonable “self” for great advice too.

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