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Diabetes and Wearing a Medical ID.

Diabetes and Wearing a Medical ID

When I was younger, I refused to wear a medical ID bracelet because I thought I KNEW EVERYTHING. Also, back then they were ugly and now they’re actually quite nice.

Somewhere between getting older and becoming wiser; traveling more on planes, trains, and major highways on my own, I’ve wised up and own multiple styles of Medical IDs.

Why I wear my medical ID bracelet

  1. Like I said, I travel a lot and love to travel, but if something were to happen on the road with my health, wearing a medical ID means that if I can’t can’t speak for myself, my medical ID can speak for me
  2. Wearing a medical ID gives me a sense of control – that’s BIG
  3. And wearing a medical ID gives my family and close friend piece of mind – it isn’t always about me
  4. I’ve experienced a few nasty lows when I was out and about and when I wasn’t wearing my ID bracelet and they gave me a good scare. Luckily, I didn’t pass out, but they were great reminders as to why I needed to wear a medical id bracelet whenever I go out, not only when I’m traveling
  5. Last year, I drove almost 700 miles alone to visit family and 1/2 way through the trip to Carolina I realized my medical ID bracelet was still at home. I FREAKED OUT. And I rectified the problem, ASAP.
  6. Bottom line: It’s not just about having diabetes. If you are dealing with other issues besides diabetes – issues like taking a blood thinner; allergies, or any other illness or condition, you need to wear one. For your piece of mind, health and wellbeing, and your family’s.
  7. My medical ID states that I have type 1 diabetes, wear an insulin pump, and has my endocrinologist’s name and phone number on the inside of the bracelet.

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  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    11 months ago

    I need to get a new one. I have one of those regular small ones saying ‘Diabetic’ with name,phone numbers and city/state on front and on back has street address and that’s about it. Plus they screwed up and I never really caught it by putting ‘my’ cell phone number on it with the home phone instead of the wife’s cell. So if they called that one they’ll be calling me and I’ll be wearing it. 😉

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