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Making technology work for you

6 Ways to Make Technology Work For You, Not Against You

Technology is ruining us all! It’s making us gain more weight than ever! It’s making us lazy!

I’m not sure who said all that stuff, but it sounds like something you’d see in a gigantic headline blaring from some news website, right?

I mean, I get it: If you’re watching TV instead of hauling hay bales, or playing video games instead of hunting and foraging for food, I can see how it would adversely impact your health.

And if you’re staring at your computer screen checking your Facebook feed instead of sneaking in that early-morning workout, that could be a problem, too.

However, there are many, many ways to make technology work for you instead of against you. Presented here are six excellent ideas:

Use the alarm on your phone to remind you get a move on. If you are stuck at a desk all day, it’s sort of terrible for you. Not to be an alarmist, but Google “sitting will kill you” and you’ll find all sorts of colorful yet frightening infographics telling you what’s so bad about being on your tush 16 hours a day. But! With your smartphone you can set your alarm to go off every hour and remind you to get up, walk around the office for five or ten minutes, do a few stretches, a couple lunges, and hopefully improve your overall well-being.

Watch a workout video online. (And while you’re watching, actually do it.) There are tons and tons of free videos on the internet, everything from yoga to tabatas to body weight strength training. Even if you’re stuck in a snowstorm, even if you don’t have the extra cash for a gym membership, even if you’re just starting out, there’s something for you on the world wide web. You can also pay for workouts from companies’ websites like and, if you’re so inclined.

Use that TV for more than watching zombie shows. If not your computer for fitness, how about your TV? Maybe you have a channel like Discovery Fit & Health, or maybe you have an On Demand option and can pull up a workout whenever you please. If a formal workout doesn’t sound appealing, then try walking around your coffee table during the commercials on the TV programs you watch anyway.

Use a health tracker band. These bracelet-like items from Jawbone and Fitbit are all the rage these days. You can track how much sleep you’re getting, how many steps you’re taking, how many calories you’re consuming, and more. You can even hook up with an app that keeps all the info neat and organized for you.

Use an accountability app. If you are guilty of setting big goals and never following through, an accountability app may be just want you need. The right app can help you track your progress, post your achievements on Facebook (when you choose), or even help you count calories.

Pin workouts for more inspiration. I love hitting up Pinterest for workout ideas. Type in “at home workout” to get some ideas for what you can do in your basement, or type in “easy treadmill workouts” to find something to keep you from getting bored at the gym. The options are endless; just don’t get sucked into pinning “amazing indulgent desserts,” instead.

Yeah, we’re sitting more and getting carpal tunnel in our thumbs from so much texting, but you can absolutely make technology work for you when it comes to getting and staying healthy, you just have to know where to look.

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