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Wash Your Hands

I wash my hands a lot and for a boatload of reasons.

4 reasons to wash hands regularly

  1. Hands touch EVERYTHING – hence they are pretty damn dirty and filled with germs. Germs are everywhere and everyone has them – why the heck wouldn’t I wash I wash my hands?
  2. I meet a lot of people, which means I shake a lot of hands. Also, some people are walking around sick as a dog, some people aren’t sick, but let’s just say they aren’t good when it comes to washing and cleaning their hands. Damn straight I wash my hands!
  3. I like to cook. Correction – I LOVE TO COOK Cross contamination is a hard stop for me. Therefore I wash my hands, rinse and then repeat. Also: raw chicken grosses me out!
  4. I have diabetes, which means I need to check my blood sugar multiple times a day. Dirty and or sticky hands make for false readings on my glucose meter, nobody wants that. Therefore I ALWAYS wash my hands with warm soapy water before I check my blood sugar – or at the very least, warm water. Some people even go so far as to use alcohol swabs on their fingers before they check their glucose levels – I was told by my diabetes healthcare professionals (my certified diabetes educator and my endocrinologist) to wash my hands with soap and water – and according to this study, my healthcare professionals are right! Also, alcohol has been known to dry out your skin. My skin is already dry – no, thank you!

Bottom line

Diabetes or not, washing our hands is KEY to keeping clean, keeping healthy, and preventing cross-contamination of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Wash your hands and wash them often – especially when you’re around people who are sick, dealing with raw meat or you’re about to check your blood sugar!

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