Victory is in the Baby Steps

“You have type 2 diabetes.” The words bounce around the room like a death sentence, and you feel numb and stupefied.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no…” You have reached the point of no return. Life is now a downward spiral. You are on an inevitable slide into degenerating complications, and death. Life is over. Somewhere, in the room next door, someone is talking about exercise and diet. How frustrating. Ugh. You hate those conversations. You can’t believe you’re at this point. There’s no fixing this now. No fixing it. You must overhaul everything. Everything. You must be perfect, 100% perfect. Must. Not. Panic.

You panic. How in the world do you begin to fix everything? Is the doctor going to help? What? Suddenly, you realize the person talking about diet and exercise is your doctor, in this room – to you.

You go home and eat nothing but salad the whole day. You are miserable.


Sound familiar? Diabetes can be a scary and overwhelming journey for many of us… so much so that we often go into denial about our new diagnosis, or worse: we try to overhaul everything, ALL at once.

“You say worse? But how is it worse?” Well, you see… It genuinely takes time to learn and educate ourselves about diabetes. When we try to do it all at ounce, we can become so overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information and changes, that we may judge ourselves completely incapable of change, and quit for good. And that’s dangerous. It is a common misconception that we must make all change happen at once.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – know that you will be OKAY, so long as you take the journey one step at a time.

Focus on changing ONE habit at a time

You can cut back on soda consumption, and slowly switch to diet. With time, you can even cut sodas altogether and stick to water. Making the change to a non-sugar based drink may not seem like much, but if you’re consuming a 20 oz bottle of soda, that’s actually 64 grams of sugar you are cutting out of your diet. That’s ¼ of a cup of sugar in one bottle!

Focus on reprogramming yourself; not on weight loss

Look, losing weight is important, but there’s one thing many in the business are not telling you: changing your mindset is even MORE important. The weight loss simply follows. Slowly change one habit at a time, instead of dieting, to ensure that you are permanently rewiring your mind and how it seeks pleasure. Dieting is simply a short term solution for a long term problem. It mostly leads to failure.

Focus on small victories: It’s easier to focus on small victories

Make a small list of them. Feel proud. Ten years ago, I would have told you I could never give up soda. But I haven’t touched soda in 5 years. Every year I don’t have four 20 oz sodas a day, I save myself $7,300, and avoid 365 lbs of sugar. That’s huge!

So, if you’re struggling to make changes with your life, following a type 2 diabetes diagnosis – fear not: Victory is in the baby steps.

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