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Images of healthy foods, exercise materials, and a scale.

The Secret To Good Health!!

Isn’t that an attention-getting title? It sounds very much like what you might hear or see on TV, in various print or online media ads, or in the latest best-selling diet book – “fat burning secret” – “secret miracle food” – “cure diabetes.” The claims go on and on, sometimes touting a single food or supplement and sometimes a new “diet.” And, it is a tempting proposition, that one quick and easy (and until now “secret”) tweak to your life can make all the difference. It can also drive you nuts trying to sort out all of the options, and find just the right “secret” for you. Well, I can help with that – the real secret to good health is to stop looking for secrets.

The most extreme example supporting this advice relates to weight loss supplements, where Americans spend more than $2 BILLION annually for “secrets” which a study by Oregon State University found to be worth essentially nothing. But, in the broader sense, we already know how to enhance good health, which, by the way, is exactly how we can effectively manage diabetes. It’s not a secret at all.

Here are just a few of the “not secret” keys to good health with diabetes:

  • Make time for physical activity and adequate sleep to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease chronic stress
  • Understand portion sizes, especially for carbohydrate foods (which affect blood glucose levels) and fats (which pack lots of calories)
  • Eat “real” food – fruits and vegetables without added sugar or salt or fat, and whole grains, for example
  • Emphasize healthy unsaturated fats like olive and canola oils, nuts and avocado. One ounce of fat is 255 calories – spend your fat calories on unsaturated fats where the benefits are proven
  • Be patient – looking for “secret” answers is really looking for fast and easy answers (try marketing a secret health plan that promises to be more difficult or results in “just” 5 years). Losing weight or improving blood glucose levels takes time

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