Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

My journey continues living with type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed about 25 years ago but “Are you taking care of yourself?" is a question that, all of a sudden, I'm hearing more of by my friends, even though I've been living with diabetes for so many years. My family never ask me this, because my mother was diabetic and she controlled her type 2 diabetes very well. My now husband was diabetic when I met him and so was I, so that was never an issue for us. Diabetes was something I never made a big deal about and now that I am a little older and wiser I pay more attention to it. People in general are also more aware of it because of television and social media. They are also more aware because more people they know are diabetic.

Insulin doesn't mean failure

I am now in my early 60s and I'm retired. I now get to spend more time with close friends, going out to lunches and dinners and just hanging out. We are all around the same age and we have different “ailments” and spend our time together talking about managing our different conditions. As I said before, the condition I live with is diabetes and I am insulin dependent. I was not to begin with; I tried to take care of it with medicine in the form of pills and diet and exercise (very little of the latter). I was taking so many different pills a day, I finally gave in and started to supplement with insulin which for me was a better choice. Insulin does not mean I failed at controlling my glucose it just means that is what worked for me. I now only take insulin and no pills. This is something you need to speak with your doctor about to make the best choices for your own condition.

Retirement means healthy living

“Retirement” has given me the opportunity to stop the stress in my life that my job created. I never learned how to live without stress. After 16 years of working at the same company, the stress caused my diabetes to escalate, but now my diabetes has never been as good as it is now! While working, it was difficult to eat as healthy since it was just easy to throw food into my lunch bag and eat the wrong foods throughout. I also never took the time to properly make healthy meals for dinner because I always too tired.


I am taking care of myself as well as my husband. I now have the time to eat properly by prepping and making good meal and snack choices and exercise regularly. I realized I have one life to live and I am going to live it to the best I can.

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