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Your Summer Trip Can be Both Relaxing and Active

When I picture summer travel, it’s one of two ways: Sitting on some beach and not moving, or doing some super adventure involving hiking and biking and spelunking and walking all day long.

It doesn’t have to be either/or, though; you can go on a relaxing vacation and still find time to stay active (and even get in some real exercise) all while feeling you got to truly unwind.

If you’re staying near the beach, walk on the beach!

I grew up by the water but have lived in the mountains for more than a decade now, and whenever I’m near the ocean, my absolute favorite thing is to walk along the shore. No beach vacation feels right without it, in fact! Getting up and walking while the sun rises or sets, as a break from lying on a towel, or even as a family outing to collect seashells, are great ways to get yourself moving.

If you’re staying at a resort, see if they offer any classes.

Sign yourself up for gentle yoga, a trail hiking class, or maybe some water aerobics. You don’t have to do it every day, just pick one class and try it out for the fun of it.

Try new adventures.

Depending on where you’re heading, there might be snorkeling, zip lining, family dance contests (it’s a thing!), surfing, or any other new to you activity. These are great ways to explore the area you’re visiting and get up on your feet, plus you might see something really cool (like a tang fish or a monkey!).

Walk all the places.

I know I already said this about the beach, but walking around during a trip is a surefire way to stay active without feeling like you’re forcing yourself to exercise. Walk from the hotel to dinner. Walk around the town and check out the different parks and squares. Walk from your rented condo to the movie theater. Walk, walk, walk.

Bike with the family.

Another fun way to say active on vacation is biking. I love going on vacations where we park the car and don’t see it again until the end of the trip, and if a place is too far to walk, biking is a terrific option.

Bring your equipment from home.

If you’ve been enjoying a workout video or a particular type of exercise in the comfort of your own place, bring it with you on vacation. If you have your laptop or phone, you can always watch an exercise vid from the internet; if you’ve been lifting some light weights or doing yoga at home, bring your dumbbells and your mat (if you’re driving to your location; it would be tough if you’re flying).

You can do it! Make activity a part of your life all the time. Even on otherwise restful vacations.

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