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Summer Bucket List

This summer I decided to create a summer bucket list. A bucket list typically refers to a list of things a person wants to accomplish during their lifetime, not just during a particular season.

I was inspired to make a summer bucket list after reading an article about the importance of having hobbies. By creating a summer bucket list and completing all 3 items on my list, I’m hoping to explore new interests and find a new hobby.

Jaime Kurtz, associate professor of psychology at James Madison University in Virginia, shares several reasons why having a hobby is important, some of which include:

“Hobbies can help structure time”

How can this help diabetes management? Time management is a huge part of making sure all daily self-care tasks are completed. If time throughout the day is more structured such tasks are more likely to be done.

“Hobbies can help foster social connections”

How can this help diabetes management? Making friends though social connections is another great way to find support. Good support is imperative when it comes to managing a chronic condition such as diabetes.

“Hobbies help cope with stress

How can this help diabetes management? Healthy coping is one of the 7 self-care behaviors described by the American Academy of Diabetes Educators (AADE). At the root of healthy coping is stress management.

Patients often share with me that diabetes defines them as a person and that they have forgotten the person they were before being diagnosed. I strongly believe that each of you are more than the disease you have. However, if you feel as though you have lost sight of who you are, discovering a new hobby may be the answer (or at least part of the answer).

I’m sharing my summer bucket list to provide some “food for thought” and to hopefully encourage each reader to make their own bucket list and/or list of new hobbies to explore.

My Summer of 2017 Bucket List

Read a book for leisure

I typically read research articles and text books. This summer I am finally going to read something fun! My hope is that reading a book for leisure will temporarily take me away from day-to-day stressors and allow some time to relax.

Swim in an outdoor pool

I have always been pretty active, mostly with running, but I have never been one to swim. I usually just dip my toe in the pool. This summer I want to jump into a pool, enjoy the refreshing feeling of the cool water, and hopefully switch-up my usual exercise routine.

Make Pickles

I have grown cucumbers in my garden for the past several summers. By the end of the summer I am left with a surplus that often goes to waste. My hope is that by making pickles from my leftover cucumber stash, I will have less waste and gain some experience pickling food.

Have you ever created a bucket list? Please share your list with the community.


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