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Stir-Crazy From The Snow/Cold? Get Moving, Get Organized!

The cold weather makes most want to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, Netflix, and comfort food. Outdoor workouts are difficult in the ice, snow and frigid temps – and dangerous for many. The elements make it too easy to make an excuse not to hit/join the gym.
It can make us stir-crazy! If that’s the case, bring your workout home and organize your spaces in the process!

Two sure fire ways to get off the couch and get moving include:

Clean & Organize Your Closets

Most people don’t like to clean/organize their closets – I get it- I live it. But cleaning is exercise; burns calories, requires us to bend and stretch, and is a way to rediscover what we have in the process.
Start with one closet, dedicate a set amount of time for the task – depending on the size of the closet – 1 or 2 hours should do the trick.
Create 3 piles for clothes and shoes: KEEP, TOSS, DONATE/SELL – and stick with the plan.
Wipe down the baseboards, vacuum, and put the clothes nad shoes in the KEEP pile back.
Bonus points for organizing clothes by color!
Separate the TOSS and DONATE/SELL clothes into different plastic bags, throwing out the TOSS bag, and putting your DONATE/SELL bag by your front door.
Next time you go out to your car, take with and place in your trunk to drop off at goodwill, consignment shop, or a friend who you think could use them.

Clean And Re-Oganize Your Pantry

An organized pantry makes it easier for people living with diabetes to eat more healthy. Empty out your pantry shelves, putting the contents on the kitchen table.
Wipe down the shelves, (and repaper if need,) then start editing and deleting!
Toss out expired foods and spices and place unopened, unhealthy/impulse items, in a shopping bag for drop off at your local food bank at a later date.
Take a moment to reorganize the shelves into sections, creating a functional space, and making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Create specific sections for:

  • Canned goods such as beans, tomato paste, veggies.
  • Boxed goods like broths, almond milk/soy milk, snacks or protein bars.
  • Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and low carb pastas.
  • Healthy cooking oils – olive, sesame, avocado and spices – the more the better!
  • Dedicated bags for onions and garlic – both of which should be stored in a cool, dark places.
  • Carve out a space for teas, coffees, and treats and write down a list of pantry items that are needed.

Cleaning/re-organizing your pantry shouldn’t take more than an hour, gets you moving and encourages us to create and make tasty, healthy meal/snack choices.

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