Ways you sabotage your weight loss

Sneaky Ways You Sabotage Your Weight Loss

You’ve worked hard to lose your excess weight, and you want to keep it off for the long-term! Make sure you aren’t committing any of these sneaky acts that can slowly but surely sabotage your efforts.

The “one bite won’t hurt” mentality. Many of my clients go back to just 1 small habit that led them to gain weight, like a small snack before dinner, an extra meal out each week, or weekend desserts. Over time, these small splurges can really add up, and you may find the pounds piling back on. Instead of allowing these habits to sneak back into everyday or every week life, think of them as special indulgences. Treat yourself to dinner out for a birthday or anniversary, not every week. Enjoy a weekend dessert once a month or to celebrate an accomplishment. You worked hard to get to where you are. Don’t let one small habit set you back!

Too much time sitting! So many of our modern activities are sedentary- like watching TV, browsing the Internet, or driving our cars. Do your best to be conscious about how much time you spend sitting, and make it a goal to get up and move at least once every two hours. To add even more movement to your day, enjoy activities and hobbies that encourage movement, like gardening. If you have a favorite show you plan to watch every week, lift weights or do body weight exercises while watching it, or fold laundry instead of just sitting on the couch. Investing in a pedometer or smart watch can really help keep you on track. Aim for 10,000 steps --the equivalent of about 5 miles – on most days. If you don’t have money to invest in a gadget, tally up how many blocks you walk in a typical day, then try to beat that! This is a great tip for those who are competitive because it sets a challenge for yourself.

Failing to plan for special occasions. Social events can be hard. There is so much delicious food available, and we often eat while chatting, so we don’t even realize how much we are consuming! To avoid this, create a plan and stick to it. For example, start by eating something before going to the party so you are not famished. Then, plan to scope out all of the options before putting any food on your plate. Allow yourself to take a predetermined number of less-healthy items, and save the rest of the room on your plate for crudité or fresh fruit. After you prepare your plate, find a spot away from the food table to stand and socialize with friends. Keep the focus on spending time with your friends and family, rather than on the food table. See these helpful tips on outsmarting holiday eating.

Forgetting about balance. Once you’ve lost the weight, it’s easy to rationalize extra splurges here and there, but they can really add up over time! To keep your meals healthy and balanced, try to serve yourself according to the MyPlate recommendations. To keep calories in check and make sure you’re getting plenty of fiber and nutrients, fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. That’s right, half your plate! Fill one remaining quarter with protein like lean meat or tofu, and the other quarter with whole grains like brown rice, quinoa or buckwheat pasta. Arranging your plate by these principles is an easy habit to maintain, and will go along way in helping you maintain a healthy waistline.

Now that you’re aware of some of the most common weight loss saboteurs, make a plan for how you will avoid them! Plan to serve more veggies at dinner, finally purchase that fitness tracker you’ve had your eye on, or take a closer look at your common dietary splurges. Remember, small choices make a difference!

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