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Better Blood Glucose Control After 6 Small Meals A Day

I lost weight and had better glucose numbers after switching over to eating six small meals a day.

6 small meals a day for diabetes management

When I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I felt so overwhelmed. I knew losing weight was important and could impact my diabetes in such a positive way. I studied the big wide web on eating plans for people with diabetes and decided to eat a lower carbohydrate diet adding lots of vegetables with minimal fruits. This worked pretty well and the first 6 months I lost about 35 pounds. Then I read up on eating 6 small meals a day but wanted to try it first before sticking with it. As I did I noticed some great benefits. I am going to list a few that stood out most.

I was able to stick to this plan better than any other and never ever felt hungry in between meals. You never let yourself get hungry, so you never get to a point where you're open to making poor food choices. When your body feels full you're more likely to stick to your plan and not sway. At least this was the case for me. At the end of the 6 months, weight loss was a given and sure that was part of my goal, but I was down 45 pounds and that was a big deal to me. So big that it made me say to myself, "this is working let's stick with it."

Better blood glucose control with eating 6 small meals a day

I had fewer highs after I ate. I took my blood glucose after I ate 3 bigger meals a day for 6 months and they were always higher than when I switched over to having 6 small meals a day. After most bigger meals I would test my blood glucose and it was always >150. I am pretty sure it's because I was eating more carbohydrates in each meal. When I switched over to the 6 small meals a day my blood glucose was always <130. To me, it was worth sticking to the 6 small meals a day and that is why I did. Do the test for yourself. At a minimum, you would need to do the plan for an entire week and test every day to see if your body reacted as well as mine did.

On a volunteer basis, I go in people's homes and help them clean out their pantry after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This service really helped me when first diagnosed with diabetes and I now want to help others create a safe food environment in their homes. After cleaning out their pantry I always challenge them to take on 6 small meals a day. Some of the meals are so small you could call them snacks - I just choose to call them small meals. Most people had great results. There were some people that did not do as well, and it was mostly because they simply could not stick to the planning that 6 small meals require. It was not because they did not see the change, it was more that they just had very busy lives and did not have the time or energy that it took to plan out and stick to the 6 meals a day.

Weight loss with eating 6 small meals a day

Another benefit was getting my metabolism moving. The old way I ate just was not getting the weight off fast enough. I never wanted to get it off super-fast because I did not want loose skin. I knew a plastic surgeon that specialized in removing loose skin. He did a study in his younger years where he followed 18 patients who were all losing weight. His study showed that people that lost weight slower had a better chance of having less sagging skin. Weight loss at a slower pace made for a person's skin elasticity to snap back into place where the skin is shrinking back down as the fat is lost. With extreme weight loss, the skin did not even have a chance and people were left with loose, sagging skin. To me, slower was better so I was not in a big hurry. I was, however, ready to stop the 2-week stall where my body would not budge, and the scale numbers would just be at a standstill. Moving over to eating 6 small meals a day really did help and I was down 45 pounds in a 6-month period whereas in the first 6 months eating the 3 bigger meals a day allowed me to lose 35 pounds that first 6 months. Both are great numbers, but I like the latter part of the year's number much better than the first part. It allowed my body to drop 10 extra pounds. I totally blame it on my metabolism speeding up from eating more often. Not everyone will have this result, but I did and many others to follow did after I had people taking my challenge.

If this sounds like a plan you could stick with give it a try. If not for any reason but stabilizing blood glucose numbers it may just be the plan that nips those number in the bud and you feel you finally have control over them. Once you see the difference you may just go to stick to it because of other benefits you find along the way.

Tracking my blood sugar after 6 small meals a day

Below you will see a chart I created to keep track of my blood glucose. At a glance, you can see what my blood glucose looked like the first week I did the 6 small meals a day plan. Before this, I was doing 3 big meals a day with no snacks because I was aiming to lose weight by reducing my calories. My glucose with that was always below 160 but never below 145. No matter what I ate because they were bigger meals it would raise my blood glucose. Seeing this with my own eyes really made me think this was worth the switch and I felt proud of myself for doing the research and finding out that eating 6 small meals a day was worth the effort.

Blood Sugar Readings with 6 Small Meals/Day
Blood glucose after meal 1Blood glucose after meal 2Blood glucose after meal 3Blood glucose after meal 4Blood glucose after meal 5Blood glucose after meal 6
Day 1142124104100110108
Day 2138114105106124128
Day 3136129119117119100
Day 41411229812598119
Day 5139118126106130104
Day 6144122106118122106
Day 7138119123101109116

Are you interested in trying 6 small meals? Check out this meal plan for 6 small meals!

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