Diabetes and Self-Care

Diabetes and self-care aren’t just about checking your blood sugar; eating healthy, exercising, taking your meds, and communicating and seeing your healthcare professionals - though all of the above aspects are crucial and important aspects of living well with diabetes.

Self-care for diabetes

There are other aspects regarding self-care that aren’t necessarily diabetes-related, but directly impact our lives with diabetes.

Decompressing and de-stressing

Stress causes our glucose levels and our blood pressure to go up - learning to decompress, handle stress and destress are key.


When we stress we tend to hold our breath - and we aren’t even aware that we’re doing it. When you start to feel stress - take a deep breath in and out. Yoga breathing really helps - look into taking a restorative yoga class - trust me - breathing and gentle stretching really helps.

De-stressification sometimes means unplugging from our phones and reading a good book, or working on a hobby like knitting or sketching or you know...watching Netflix.


When we’re young, the last thing we want to do is sleep - or at least it was the last thing I wanted to do. Now that I’m grown up, I crave naps, BIG TIME.

YES, lack of sleep can negatively impact or blood sugars - it causes stress, stress causes our blood sugars to go high. It’s all connected.

Honestly, it’s super difficult for me to go to bed early - even on a school night - but I’ve made it a point to turn off the TV by 10:15 PM, read a few pages of an actual book and go turn off the lights by 10:45 at least 3 nights a week. And those sleep changes have made a big difference in my energy levels during the day. As far as naps - every now and then I take one - especially on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

What are some self-care tactics that work for you?

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