Relieving Stress and Taking Some Time For You!

Do you take a few hours each week just for you? Seriously, we are so busy with work, life, and family that we end up putting ourselves last. We are busy being busy - and we need to take a beat and a step back. I don’t have kids or a husband and I’m still busy! Hustling at work, being there for the family - those I’m related to by blood and dear friends who are family, not to mention all the things that I have to do.

Things like organizing and paying my taxes (which I did recently) and scheduling and making sure I go see my endocrinologist and other yearly specialists so I can stay healthy.

And dealing with a recent and heartbreaking loss that I will feel every day and forever. It’s overwhelming.

Self-care tips for relieving stress

I’ve decided to take back a few hours a week just for me.

  1. I’ve started reading books for pleasure again. I’m rereading my favorite book from my childhood “Emily of New Moon” and I’m on my local library’s waiting list for “The Alice Network” and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!
  2. I filled out the paperwork and I’m joining my local gym. I’ve put it off long enough and no more excuses!
  3. I signed up for a 3 hour art Workshop at my local Art Center because art is not only fun - it is good for us! Three hours of creating, getting paint all over my hands and hopefully on my canvas, whole freeing and opening my mind in the process!

Why am I mentioning all of the above? Because being a grownup is stressful. Being a grownup with diabetes (or any other chronic illness) is more stressful.

Stress negatively impacts our diabetes, our blood sugars, blood pressure, hearts, and minds!

We need to find a way to relieve our stress. For me - all of the above help!

Are you taking some time for yourself to reduce stress? And if so, WHAT?

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