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Setting The Timer On My Phone And Recharging My Diabetes

Sometimes I need to decompress from diabetes and all it brings to the table and I’m sure you feel the same way. We can’t walk away from diabetes — that’s both impractical and impossible. And we can’t ignore diabetes. Not only does that hurt us — both mentally and physically, but it hurts the people we love. But there are times when the checking, the measuring, being defined by our diabetes numbers, the dealing with everything that diabetes brings to our world can become overwhelming.

Tips to cope with diabetes burnout

And when that happens – I take a deep breath, set the timer on my life and on my iPhone for 60 minutes and do something that doesn’t involve my diabetes. Sometimes that’s watching a movie or an episode of Game of Thrones on-demand. Other times picking up the phone and actually calling (not texting) a friend and catching up in real time.

Or reading a few chapters of the book I’ve been trying to read for weeks (OK, a month), but never seem to have the time for. And still other times it’s as simple (and as necessary), as doing laundry. Hey, did I mention that I’m somewhat of a laundry technician? Seriously, don’t put whites in with my brights and don’t you dare wash my dark jeans in warm water or we can’t be friends!

Anyway, by the time the alarm goes off several things have happened:

  1. I can’t remember why I actually set the alarm/timer on my phone and it takes me a good 30 seconds to realize that the reason I set the timer was because diabetes was pissing me off.
  2. I feel better — like a lot better. The diabetes related things that seemed so incredibly frustrating and damn near impossible 60 minutes earlier, seem more obtainable now. Diabetes no longer has the upper hand, I do.

And for me, that makes all the difference. And I forge ahead.

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