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Diabetes: One Good Thing

When diabetes starts to wear me down, and you know it does, I allow myself to vent, because venting is healthy. And then I ask myself the following question:

What’s one good thing about living with diabetes?

And then I say (out loud) the first thing that comes into my head:

One good thing about living with diabetes is that it makes me be aware of all aspects of my health.

And all of a sudden that one good thing about living with diabetes turns into a whole fantabulous list.

5 good things about living with diabetes

  1. One good thing about living with diabetes is that it forces me to check my blood sugars and no matter where or whenand checking my blood sugars helps me to stay healthy.
  2. One good thing about having diabetes, I’ve become an expert at reading food labels.
  3. Speaking of food labels, diabetes has made me a better cook! I’m a good cook – I’m no Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson, but diabetes has forced me to learn my way around the kitchen and I’m grateful for that.
  4. Another good thing, diabetes requires me to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Change is really hard for me – but because I live with diabetes, I’m constantly being forced to try new things in order to manage my diabetes. New foods, new exercises, and sometimes new meds. I’m even going to try wearing a continuous glucose monitor – which is a HUGE deal for me.
  5. One of the greatest things diabetes has brought to my life – a community of people living with and advocating for people with diabetes – and gosh damn of love am I incredibly inspired by the diabetes community! I love the feeling of strength and empowerment that my diabetes peeps give me – they rock my world and in the very best of ways!

Next time diabetes starts getting on your nerves, ask yourself the “One good thing” question – and let us know what you come up with!

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  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    4 months ago

    Kelly. That’s a good article here. Very good. Reminds me of the author of Taming the Tiger came out with one of his classes/meetings when he asked the group to name something good about diabetes. Only one or two individuals answered him.

    Before I was dx the only thing I paid attention to on a label was how much cholesterol was listed along with salt content. Other than that I didn’t care nor paid attention to anything else.

    Now since having been dx I’ve learned to pay attention to the sugars, carbs,fiber(although I don’t subtract that from the total carbs) and the rest that I had been checking for all along.

    I try to eat healthier. When eating at home I measure everything I eat by the cup, half cup, third cup and oz’s. Try to keep a proper portion thing going.

    Wife still don’t get when I talk about my two anniversaries, birthdays and that I’m trying to eat better since I’ve been dx and by that aspect it’s been a good thing for me. It’s also made me lose a bunch of weigh and trying hard to maintain that loss and not get upset at the fluxes I see when doing my weekly weight check.

    Thanks for bringing this up lady.

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