Podiatrist for Foot Care

As people living with diabetes, we’re all aware that we absolutely have to take care of our feet. Having our feet examined, checked and tested, not to mention wearing shoes that fit us properly are all critical to our overall heath, not just our diabetes health.

Also, and you might have to reach back in your brain and think about this question: When’s the last time you had your foot measured (both length and width) for shoes? Can you even remember? A good number of people in the world are walking around in shoes that don’t fit them properly, either in the wrong size or width, or both. Did you know that as we get older our feet can still grow in both length and width?

Foot care

Do your due diligence and do the research. Ask for recommendations from your Endocrinologist; General Practitioner, family and friends, and set up an appointment with a local Podiatrist with good patient reviews and have your feet examined, measured, and also have them cut your toe-nails.

When you meet with the Podiatrist, ask him questions about diabetes foot diseases, issues, and complications, and ask about therapeutic shoes and customized shoe inserts/orthotics.

Also, and this is important for those who don’t know: orthopedic shoe companies have stepped up their game style-wise. Google them and see what styles catch your eye. And be completely honest, talk about foot pains, wounds, bone and structural issues/abnormalities, inquire about neuropathy and other diabetes foot diseases or circulation issues. I have high arches (not diabetes related, I was born with them and high arches run in my family) and I don’t know what I’d do without my customized orthotics. Many insurance cover part of all of the cost of orthotics, medicare coverage can be found here. Medicaid coverage varies by state.

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