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Organizing My Diabetes Supplies

I’m not always the most organized person, except when it comes to my diabetes supplies. In that area I’m crazy organized and for several reasons. Being organized with my diabetes supplies makes it easier to keep track of said diabetes supplies and allows me to see when I’m running low on certain things.

How to organize diabetes supplies

  • My glucose test strips, lancets, and my extra glucose meter are arranged by expiration date in my desk drawer and I can tell with a quick glance if I’m running low.
  • My unopened insulin sits in a special drawer in the refrigerator, organized and arranged by date.
  • The bottle of insulin that I’m currently using sits in its box, which makes its home in my fridge’s butter compartment.
  • There’s a special cabinet in the kitchen (and just above the coffee maker) that holds my oral meds and vitamins. Every night before I go to bed I take out the next day’s meds, and place them in a tiny espresso cup. When I wake up the next morning and after I eat my breakfast, I take them. There’s no second guessing because if the espresso cup is empty, I know I’ve taken my meds!
  • I also keep my travel pill box in that cabinet, pre-filled for my next trip. It’s one less thing I have to do when I’m getting ready for a trip. I always bring extra meds on my trip. If I’m going away for 3 days, I bring a 7 day supply. If I’m going away for a week, I bring an extra 7-day pill box and take a 2 week supply. And I ALWAYS keep my diabetes meds and supplies in my carry-on bag; NEVER MY CHECKED LUGGAGE.

Keeping my diabetes supplies organized not only makes me feel safe, it makes me feel in control and empowered. It makes me feel like I’m in charge, not my diabetes, and that’s a great feeling!

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