One Powerful Word - Attitude

If someone asked you to make a list of everything you could be doing to manage your diabetes effectively what would you include? The “basics” would probably include taking your medication, and watching sugary carbohydrates in your diet. Then there’s “advanced” healthy eating and carb counting, to reduce your increased risk for heart disease and better manage blood glucose. There’s also getting regular physical activity and checking blood glucose levels and getting more sleep and seeing your doctor and…well, you get the point. The list can seem endless – even impossible. Oh, by the way – reducing stress is very important too. Ironically, your most significant source of stress could very well be the list of everything you could be doing to manage your diabetes effectively.

To help you reduce your stress and anxiety about “the list” I’ll add, yes add, one more thing – keep a positive attitude. A positive attitude keeps you moving forward in blending this new diabetes lifestyle into your “real” life. Now, I won’t pretend that keeping a positive attitude is always easy, and will always help you do everything you could for your health. But, here’s the key thought – a negative attitude will NEVER help you meet the challenges diabetes brings.

Here are some tips – four “F’s” – that can help keep you positive:

Forgive yourself. For many people, type 2 diabetes is clearly associated with previous lifestyle choices, but beating yourself up about yesterday doesn’t help you make lifestyle changes for tomorrow. You deserve to be as healthy as possible from this point forward.
Forget perfect. There is no such thing as perfect in diabetes management – even when you “do” everything perfectly you may not get a perfect result. Managing diabetes is about averages for the most part – two steps forward and one step back always equals one step forward, and moving forward, toward better health, is the objective.
Focus on positive outcomes. People are quick to remind you about the serious complications of diabetes, but how much do you know about (or hear about) how you can avoid them? There’s nothing more positive than actually realizing that what you do today positively makes you healthier tomorrow.
Find positive support. It could be family, it could be friends, or it could be through the community groups on – you’re not alone.

Adding a positive attitude to your diabetes “to do” list can lighten it up immediately – try it….you’ll like the result.

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