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A hand holding a blood glucose test strip

One Little Test Strip

The other day I was walking down the street – walking in a hurry and at a fast pace, rushing to where I needed to be. I was looking straight ahead, until I happened to glance down at the ground, which would be where I spotted a lone test-strip — and the same brand I use! I knew it wasn’t mine and I was walking down the street and my bag with my glucose meter was securely zipped up. Nope, this test strip belonged to someone else – another person living with diabetes.

I did a quick look around, just incase the person who belonged to the test-strip was still around, and of course they weren’t. Also, there was like 30 people on the street and what the heck was I thinking?

Not so alone with diabetes

Was I going to shout at the top of my lungs: Hey, do you have diabetes? Does this used glucose strip belong to you?? I have diabetes too. I totally get what you’re dealing with and we should totally be friends!

In that moment and on a semi-crowded street, I didn’t feel alone in or with my diabetes because I wasn’t. There were others or at least one person who had been in my immediate vicinity, and who, just like me was out there living life with diabetes, doing their best and no matter the type. Diabetes is hard work and we rarely get credit — and damn it, WE DESERVE IT.

I stood there for a good 20 seconds and looked at the test strip on the sidewalk — and it made me smile – and it made me happy. Then I grabbed a tissue from my bag (because crazy allergy season), and gingerly picked it up, then walked towards a trashcan and threw it out – I wasn’t going to leave it there – I’m not a litterbug!

The little test strip made me feel less alone.

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