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November is National Gratitude Month

November is national gratitude month, and it’s also diabetes awareness month. So I’ve decided to merge the two together and come up with a gratitude list when it comes to living with diabetes.


I am grateful for the gift of diabetes knowledge, because as the great Maya Angelou said: When we know better, we do better… in life and our lives with diabetes.

Diabetes forces us to educate ourselves when it comes to our diabetes and other aspects of our health – to monitor our blood sugars, blood pressure, and our labs so we can be healthy.

Diabetes has educated us regarding nutrition and making healthy and wise food choices, the importance of exercise, and meeting with our doctors regularly.


Diabetes has provided us with the peer support in the diabetes online community, including

In my opinion, finding and participating in diabetes online support is crucial to our mental and physical health. Our community reinforces the fact that we are not alone in our lives with diabetes – support and friendship are literally at our fingertips – and that is beautiful!


Diabetes makes us use our voices. All of us have a voice, but diabetes forces us to use our voices to advocate for ourselves with our healthcare professionals, insurance companies, etc. Diabetes makes us speak up for ourselves and for others when it’s the last thing we feel like doing. Diabetes is why we advocate for ourselves, our rights, our families, and for every single person living with diabetes.


Diabetes makes us use new technology. Glucose monitors, continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, insulin pens, and blood sugar apps. Diabetes relies on technology, which means we rely on diabetes tech.

Lastly, diabetes makes us take care of ourselves, so we can be there for ourselves, our families, and the people we love.

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