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November – Diabetes Awareness Month is Here!

Yes, November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and November 14th is World Diabetes Awareness Day. November 14th was the birthday of Frederick Banting, the man who discovered insulin and selflessly decided to not patent it so that millions could live. Because of him, millions of uninsured persons with diabetes – still to this day – can walk into a pharmacy and, with no prescription, request ‘Regular and NPH’ – the two most popular insulins.

For many of us, persons with diabetes, November 14th is just as important as our birthdays. For me, my birthday is on November 11th, and my diagnosis date was November 17th… so November 14th is a special moment. It’s a day when I make a full and conscious choice to LIVE.

This is the time for us to showcase what it’s like to live with diabetes, and show the world we can be healthy and thrive with this condition… and help others know they are not alone.

What kinds of things can we do to raise awareness?

  • We can donate to a local diabetes organization, such as the American Diabetes Association, Take Control of Your Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the International Diabetes Federation, etc.
  • We can participate in a local walk-at-thon or bike-a-thon with friends and family to raise funds, and awareness.
  • We can schedule a ‘Celebration of Life’ party on November 14th, where we celebrate another year of life, or our success at being HEALTHY with this condition, and invite friends and family.
  • We can wear a blue circle pin!! – it’ll get people to ask questions. Or you we wear a diabetes shirt or a blue shirt on Fridays.
  • We can participate in the Big Blue Test and show people how exercise can help so much in managing our condition.
  • You can get a pen pal! This is your chance to get artsy, creative, and show what living with diabetes means to YOU! You can meet others with your same type, and around your same age, from around the world. Make a home-made postcard to be delivered by November 14th! (Hurry, not a lot of time left!)
  • You can make diabetes friendly, blue colored treats for work! With little tracts on what diabetes is, and how we can control it.
  • Get your city to turn a local famous building or monument blue!
  • Get a celebrity to wear a blue circle pin on tv! – the IDF is giving them away free, with this goal in mind.
  • Make new personal goals – this the start of OUR new year!
  • Visit the birthplace of insulin in Ontario, Canada!
  • Start a local diabetes support group.
  • Have an informational booth at your local mall, grocery store, Main Street, etc.
  • Educate yourself. Start a blog. Start a local petition to make change in your community.

There are a lot of creative ways in which we could make change. Together, we can all make positive impact.

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