Making A Diabetes Game Plan

Diabetes isn’t easy - anyone who tells you that it is, has absolutely no clue.

When first diagnosed, we are told we must watch what we eat for the rest of our lives; monitor our blood sugars daily, take meds, lose weight, exercise more, and eat less of the food that give us comfort.

We are sent our way and most of us are never given a D Game Plan or tools to accomplishing all of the above.


My advice? Make a Diabetes Game Plan.

Below are 5 steps to help you get your D Game Plan started.

Work with a Endocrinologist and a Certified Diabetes Educator

Endocrinologists are Doctors who specialize in diabetes and other endocrine issues and metabolic disorders - they understand diabetes, no matter the type.

Certified Diabetes Educators, aka CDE's are healthcare professionals who specialize and have comprehensive and extensive knowledge of diabetes.

CDE's show us how to navigate our diabetes and make wise choices re: our diabetes. They understand the nuances of living with diabetes, teaching and encouraging us in the process. Scheduling classes with a CDE helps.

Check Your Blood Sugars 

Our blood sugar numbers help us troubleshoot areas when it comes to our blood sugar - that's BIG.

I know checking blood sugars can be intimidating - but it's not a test, so don't refer to it as one. Instead, think of checking your blood sugars as a daily tool that provides real time info on the road to better health.

Find/Engage In Online Support

Chances are you’ve already taken that step because you belong to - BRAVO. Engaging with others who understand your diabetes struggles and celebrate your diabetes accomplishments makes living with diabetes easier and less lonely.

Also, people with diabetes are awesome and who doesn’t need more awesome?


Set aside 10 to 20 minutes, 4 times a week and walk.

Don’t worry about how far you go, be proud of yourself for every step you take.

Think of walking as your time to clear your head, and by doing so your heart, mind, body, and diabetes benefit!

Little Changes Equal Big Changes

Did you add an extra 5 minutes every time you went for a walk this week?

Have you been packing healthier lunches and bringing them to work?

Maybe you’ve checked your blood sugar daily and at set times for 3 days in a row.

Every little change has the potential to quickly morph into big accomplishments that become healthy habits - celebrate every single one!

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