Make Time to Move! (Even if Hanging With the Couch Sounds Much Better)

Ah, careless Sunday afternoons. The perfect time to laze around, take catnaps, and enjoy some downtime. You know you should try to incorporate some more exercise into your week, but who wants to do that in that last few hours of free time before the hammer comes down Monday morning?

And after work? Fugeddaboutit. You’re exhausted, your day was long, your boss’s temper was short, and the recliner and some good old fashioned prime time TV are calling your name.

Before work? Ha! You need every extra second of shut eye you can manage. Not to mention that it’s super dark and cold out in the morning, and no human should be exposed to such loathsome conditions.

Sooooo…..when, exactly are you supposed to make time to exercise? And even if you make time, how are you supposed to get started?

Exercise while you watch TV. 

Sure, you could pop a workout video in the old DVD player, but why not just watch your favorite shows and move your body at the same time? Walk laps around the coffee table during the latest episode of Scandal, march in place during Big Bang Theory, do pushups and planks during Monday Night Football, or try jumping jacks during CSI. It all adds up!  

Remember that you don’t have to run a marathon or swim the English Channel for your workout to count. 

If you’re resisting getting into a regular exercise routine because you think you have to exercise for an hour at a time, six days a week, think again. A ten minute walk at lunch is a great start, and spreading out your exercise throughout the day in small chunks really is AOK, especially if it means you’ll take the time to be active! A few squats while your coffee brews, a few lunges while you brush your teeth, and you’re that much closer to your goals.

Enlist family members. Or at least the dog.

The family the Jazzercizes together stays together? Is that how the saying goes? Okay, maybe not, but if you can get your spouse or kids on board for an after dinner bike ride or walk, the whole family will benefit. No one interested? The family pooch is almost guaranteed to be dying to sniff around the block, and Rover’s excitement might be the motivation you need to move around on the regular.

Congratulate yourself for small successes.

Change is never easy, but give yourself credit for mini lifestyle shifts that will contribute to better health. Think about it: if you tell yourself how hard it’s going to be to start exercising or berate yourself for only getting your sweat on once in the last month, are you going to feel better or worse? To stay on track, each time you take even the shortest of walks or lift the lightest of weights, say something like, “I am doing my best, I don't have to be perfect, and I'm psyched that I’m making some changes.”

Two words: Dance Party

Need I say more? Especially fun if you’ve got kids (or really great friends over). Turn on your favorite tunes, crank it up, and get that heart rate going!

See? Incorporating exercise into your life doesn’t have to difficult or time-consuming, and the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Especially when Jazzercise is involved.

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